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Spirit Cerberus


Spirit Cerberus is a spirit that is used as an antidote to bad luck. So it is often used as a spirit of luck.

The Spirit Cerberus lately has also been widely used by most of the people. Because it is believed that his energy is blessed by God to keep him away from calamities.

Cerberus is used as an antidote to calamities, which are caused by nature. You can see for yourself, lately there have been many natural disasters everywhere.

So that if you see the weather is a little bad, your heart is already anxious. And some even got scared.

The Three-Headed Cerberus Spirit Dog

People know this spirit as a Greek mythological creature in the form of a three-headed dog. This creature is the guardian of the entrance to the underworld.

The underworld is ruled by Hades who keeps this cerberus dog. This animal is a descendant of Ekhidna, a dragon woman and Tifon, a giant half-human monster and dragon.

In the underworld Cerberus prevents those who are still alive from entering the world of the dead. This creature likes the flesh of a person who is still alive, and allows the spirit to enter the underworld.

However, the ceberus that we present here are different from the ones in the mythology.

Although we also have the same appearance.
This Ceberus has three heads, and its fur is golden in color. While his face is not the face of a bulldog but almost like a wolf, or rather a type of siberian husky.

The function of Cerberus are :

Repair your negative energy that invites bad luck.
Increase the radiant positive energy that attracts good luck.
Its energy can send vibrations of magical messages, so that your instincts pick up on it and sense danger.
When you are in a dangerous environment, it will cause uncomfortable energy vibrations. So instinctively you choose to leave the place you are currently visiting.
Ceberus will show a signal, which helps to feel the energy of someone who has evil intentions with you.
Ceberus will help send a signal that will lead you to a place that gives you the chance.
Ceberus will be a protective energy sent by God for your blessings, happiness and good luck.
And there are many more benefits that you may find and we haven’t mentioned above.

For those of you who are interested in using Cerberus, please read the explanation procedures or contact Kang Eko’s assistant at 081139005757.